Starting Over

I’ve been mulling over starting a blog for the longest time ever and I guess there’s no better time than now to start one and get back in to writing.

It’s also kinda weird to start off this space with a post about loss, when people usually kickstart such things on a positive note. However, I feel it’s imperative that I get this off my chest before moving on to other things.

So let’s get straight to the point.

I was robbed.

All my gear and other valuables, equipment that I’ve worked hard for and saved up for over the years, gone.

I spoke briefly about this on Instagram, about what happened, what I did and all that jazz. But one thing I never spoke of or really told anyone was how I felt about the whole experience.

Last few shots before my gear got stolen.

While my friends offered their sympathies and generally skirted around the topic for fear of saying the wrong things, I wasn’t in one bit bothered about it though. In all honesty, I’ve been fairly indifferent to it. Perhaps a bit too indifferent. Yes, when I first realised what had happened, I was bummed out. But once it sank in, indifference.

That’s not to say that I did not take away anything from this experience. I did, and they were valuable lessons too. It also made me appreciate the general safety of Singapore (something that we have taken for granted) even more, and how efficient our police force is.

And while we’re on the topic of appreciation, there’s a whole lot of people to thank and be appreciative of.

First off, I’m really blessed to have the friends that I have, for letting me crash at their place on such short notice, driving me around when I had to get all my documents in order, and driving me to the airport at four in the morning.

To the good people at the Singapore High Commission in Canberra, thank you for expediting my claims and helping me get back to Singapore as quickly as possible.

I also have to be very grateful to Canon Singapore for loaning me a camera, and to friends who lent me lenses, allowing me to continue working during this period.

And to my followers and friends on Instagram, and some random strangers, thanks for the continuous support and offers for loan cameras.

That said, I’ve also had my fair share of haters, people saying that I should not have contacted Canon, and blaming me for getting robbed (like what the hell?!). Oh well, I can’t please everyone, can I?

To the thieving bastards who took all my gear, I hope you’re putting them to good use and taking lots of photos instead of selling them off to fuel your drug/alcohol addictions.

Okay. Before I ramble off into oblivion, let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Starting over.

These past five, coming six months, have been a time of reflection of what I want to do and achieve as a photographer. It’s an opportunity for me to rebrand and perhaps rebuild my social presence, hence this blog.

I’ll also be giving my site a much needed facelift, so it may get a little messy (I’ll try to keep the mess to a minimum).

Till then, I’m quite excited of what’s ahead. And what d’you know, this post ended on a rather positive note.